Fuel Gas Conditioning Units

Product Summary: High BTU gas can quickly damage major engine components and dramatically increase maintenance cost. A fuel conditioning unit separates and removes the propane & “heavy” hydrocarbons and provides a “lean” low BTU fuel stream. The pressure drop of the fuel gas from pipeline pressure to engine supply provides the necessary refrigeration so that no moving parts are typically required. SME can offer a variety of standard configurations and sizes to meet most applications.

Manufacturer Info: From conceptual drawings, through engineering and construction project management to installation and follow-up services, SME is the turn-key answer for your heat transfer system requirements.

Product Detail: SME offers a unique fuel gas conditioning system that combines all of the heat exchanger streams into one heating coil, which is a fin and tube type heat exchanger. The entire fuel gas conditioning unit and the controls are installed in a single vessel, eliminating the need for interconnecting piping. Another unique feature of this unit is the ability to handle separated cold liquids. This FGCU is beneficial in applications where space, weight and a small footprint are important, such as off-shore oil platforms.