On-site Mercury Testing Unit Rental

Product Summary: Mercury Test Unit Shipped to Site for High Pressure Natural Gas.
SME Products has developed a pilot adsorber which can be used to determine the mercury content of hydrocarbon gases and or liquid water. It is our opinion that this method generates the most accurate reading of mercury concentrations because:

  1. Mercury concentrations fluctuate significantly. Instataneous measurement methods do not account for this fluctuation.
  2. This method concentrates the part per billion levels of mercury typically found into weight percent loading. These high concentrations can be more easily and accurately analyzed.
  3. Most instataneous measurement methods are sensitive to H2S, Mercaptans, water vapor, hydrocarbon liquids, and temperature.
  4. Most laboratory measurements require the gas to be let down to atmospheric pressure. High pressure gases get cold and can actually generate condensate when de-pressured.

Manufacturer Info: From conceptual drawings, through engineering and construction project management to installation and follow-up services, SME is the turn-key answer for your heat transfer system requirements.

Product Detail: The pilot unit is shipped to your site. It is pressure rated to 1,440 psi. A slipstream can be run through the pilot unit for approximately 30 days and then send it back to SME Products to determine the amount of mercury that was trapped. This amount of mercury together with the flow meter data allows us to calculate the average mercury content of the inlet stream.

The technical article available for download below was presented at the 1994 GPA Annual Convention.